Techno imprint from Berlin founded and run by Gforty.


Momb Records releases have been suported by Laurent Garnier, Johannes Volk, Takaaki Itoh, Alderaan, Joseph Capriati, Roberto, Bryan Zentz, DJ 3000, Greg Gow, Helrad, Robert Armani, Pascal FEOS, Rennie Foster, Jamie Jones, Danny Tenaglia, Cristian Varela, Tim Baker, Uncertain AKA Boriqua Tribez, Jerome Baker, A.Morgan, Igor Marijuan, DJ DEP, Hector Moralez and more.


Info and demo submission (Soundcloud link only) to:


Please keep in mind that we only accept demos that are:

– mp3 (320 kbps)
– at least two tracks
– providing artist name, track name and email address
– Soundcloud link with download option enabled